We recently had an interesting conversation here at Maine Energy Systems about why people switch to wood pellet heating systems.  Which raised an important question: how do you find out about alternatives like heating with wood pellets?  Do people switch heating sources only for cost savings?  Or maybe there others out there that do it for the same reason we do? Hint: it’s just the environmentally responsible thing to do.

Why are wood pellet heating systems environmentally responsible?

A simple internet search yielded a few blog posts and advertisements, but surprisingly little.  After all, it is the internet.  We take pride in the products and services that we offer.  That’s because we know our customers have a much greener, more carbon-neutral heating system.  Also, pellets have a more stable cost history than fossil fuels.  A wood pellet heating system pays you back in more than one way.

And, your house will just ‘feel warmer’ because of the BTUs from burning wood heat.  Or maybe that’s just my impression.

Upgrading your home is worth it – and there are state incentives!

We’re all familiar with the old adage, “do it right the first time.”  You only have to switch to an environmentally friendly heating system once.  But the benefits are worth it in the long run.  Upfront costs to switch to a wood pellet boiler or furnace exist as with anytime you upgrade your home.  However, these costs are outweighed in the long term – and, some states offer sizable incentive programs.  For instance, Maine just doubled its rebate incentive so that you can now get back 33% up to $6,000.

Wood pellet heating systems can be convenient.

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to get wood pellets near you, don’t be.  Companies, like Maine Energy Systems, deliver so you never have to see or touch your pellets to stay toasty.  And there are even wood pellet heating systems that are fully automated and can sync to your smart thermostat.  This means you can turn the heat up before you get home from the ski slopes. Well, hello, convenience!

Explore your options and compare efficiency.

There are a number of options for how to heat your home.  You should explore the various wood pellet heating systems and compare their efficiency with your current system.  You may be surprised at some of the efficiency reports from wood pellet burning systems.  And, remember that efficiency equals burning less fuel to stay just as warm.  Burning less fuel means buying less fuel.  Buying less fuel is always a good thing, and it’s even better because it’s a renewable resource.

Wood pellet heating systems are the responsible thing to do for our environment.

The Team at Maine Energy Systems