Installing Wood Pellet Central Heating Systems

Maine Energy Systems offers training for contractors on the installation, adjustment, and maintenance of the AutoPellet wood pellet boilers and furnaces. Training includes the configuration and installation of bulk wood pellet storage and wood pellet delivery systems.

There are incentives encouraging the switch to modern wood heating and MESys is at the forefront of technology with the most efficient, reliable, installed heating systems in North America. Contact us to learn how you can get involved and support modern wood heating – and have it support you.

Maine Energy Systems Pellet Boilers

Installer Benefits and Training

The current demand for fossil fuel alternatives is high and we are seeking motivated individuals to become certified MESys installers.  MESys installers receive priority pricing and discounts, quick responses to technical questions, ongoing lead generation, and resources to aid in installing and servicing our wood pellet heating systems.

For more information or to register for training, please get in touch with us at (207) 824-6749 or e-mail [email protected].

Training is free and held at 8 Airport Road in Bethel, Maine. If using a GPS to navigate, please use 141 North Road in Bethel, Maine as your destination address.

Incentives for Homeowners to Switch to Wood Pellet Heat

Several states offer rebates on a first-come, first-served basis towards the installation of a MESys AutoPellet boiler or furnace. These rebates can significantly offset the cost of installing wood pellet heating systems. For state-by-state details, read more here.

The Biomass Thermal Utilization Act became law in December of 2020 and allows for a federal tax credit on the purchase and installation of high-efficiency home heating equipment that fires wood pellets for heat and hot water. Homeowners now have the ability to consider renewable heating at a comparable price point to fossil fuel system costs, thanks to the tax credit combined with state rebate incentives.

Some New England states offer the ability to offset each ton of pellets purchased by earning and selling renewable energy credits. Ask us for state-specific details on how to offset the cost of each ton of fuel.

These incentives add up to homeowners. Our wood pellet heating systems also support local jobs, keep money in local economies, reduce carbon footprints by up to 86%, and rely on low-grade wood and wood waste from our own backyard.

Maine Energy Systems PES56
Maine Energy Systems Pellet Boilers

Upcoming Training Classes

We offer a remote training program for those who cannot attend an in-person training class, contact us to learn more.

Next Trainings:

October 16-17
Two-Day MESys AutoPellet Wood Pellet Boiler & Furnace Training (8:30am – 5:00pm)

MESys training classes are filling up every month, you must call in advance to reserve a seat.
Unless otherwise noted, training will begin promptly at 8:30, please plan to arrive early for registration. Certification can only be obtained by completing the entire training session.