BETHEL, Me. (Feb. 24, 2011) – Global energy demand, instability in the Middle East and concerns over the strength of the U.S. dollar are combining to send oil prices in one direction: up. Some oil analysts believe home heating oil prices could reach $4.00 or more per gallon in the near future.

Fortunately, Maine and New Hampshire residents and business owners within a 150 road miles of Bethel, in Maine’s Western Mountains, or within 60 road miles of Ashland, Maine, have an alternative: wood pellet fuel, providing heat at a price that’s equivalent to $1.99 per gallon of fuel oil, guaranteed for three years.
That offer is made by Bethel-based Maine Energy Systems, which distributes pellet-fired boilers for homes and commercial spaces. Its new “Northeast Affordable Heat” program, using pellets from four Maine manufacturers (Corinth Wood Pellets, Geneva Wood Fuels, Maine Woods Pellets, and Northeast Pellets), is available to the first 1000 customers who install Maine Energy Systems boilers under the program.

Pellet heat will be a strong player in Maine’s future,” said Harry “Dutch” Dresser, Managing Director of Maine Energy Systems. “Pellet central heating is as easy and dependable as traditional heating systems, and it uses renewable resources that are plentiful right here in Maine.”

Northeast Affordable Heat guarantees that customers will pay no more than $239 per ton for bulk-delivered pellets through June 30, 2014. There are minimum bulk delivery quantity requirements, and the fuel price guarantee is offered only for use in new installations of Maine Energy Systems equipment. Some other restrictions, which can be found on the Maine Energy Systems website, apply.
“When most people think of pellet heat, they think of stoves and bags of pellets,” said Dresser. “Maine Energy Systems pellet boilers replace oil or gas-fired boilers and tie in with existing forced hot water systems, with significantly lower fuel costs. “

With pellet boiler systems, the fuel is delivered in bulk and feeds into the boiler automatically, just as with an oil-fired system. Maine Energy Systems currently has boiler systems installed in homes, schools, municipal buildings, and substantial commercial buildings.
In addition to reduced fuel costs for consumers, the engineering, fuel production and distribution networks – and the jobs they create – are all located in Maine.

Maine Energy Systems was founded in early 2008 by Les Otten, Dresser and William Strauss.