Bulk Wood Pellet Delivery for Boilers and Furnaces

Bulk fuel delivery to your home or business – just like oil or propane.

You don’t handle your oil or propane and with our fully automated system, you’ll never touch your pellets either. Delivered directly to your home, bagless, by a delivery truck the same way as oil or propane.

A typical home requires just 3 deliveries annually.

MESys AutoPay Program
If you’re an existing MESys pellet customer and would like to enroll in the AutoPay program, download and complete the registration form to sign up. AutoPay is an easy way to ensure you always receive your best price on pellets and signing up is easy and free.

“MESys pellet deliveries are quick and clean and leave our basement smelling like pine trees!”
- The Knapps

MESys Pellet Delivery Scheduling

Schedule a Regular Pellet Delivery
To schedule your next MESys pellet fuel delivery, please use our Pellet Portal. For general pellet delivery inquiries, please email [email protected].

For Emergency Pellet Delivery on Weekends & Holidays – CALL 207-824-NRGY (6749)
Emergency pellet deliveries are available at our Emergency Rate on weekends and holidays. For emergency delivery, please call our main office at (207) 824-NRGY (6749) and you will automatically be transferred to our on-call dispatch service.


Pellet Fuel Delivery Questions
Does the vendor have pellet source redundancy, or is the vendor a sole source provider?
a. Pellet source redundancy assures best available pellets continually
b. Pellet source redundancy assures continuous availability despite mill shutdowns

Maine Energy Systems represents up to six mills in Maine, New Hampshire, and southern Quebec Province.

Does the vendor have certified delivery scales for accurately reporting delivered quantities?
a. Certified delivery scales provide printed receipts for actual weight delivered
b. Certified delivery scales are type evaluated (NTEP) by the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

Maine Energy Systems’ delivery trucks have on-board scales that are NTEP certified.

Does the vendor test each batch of pellets by burning before delivery? Pellet quality is best confirmed by burning.
a. Pellets that produce unacceptable by-products are eliminated through burn testing

Maine Energy Systems tests every load of pellets as it comes from the mill before putting them in storage for redistribution. Occasionally, loads that don’t meet our standards are returned to the mill.

Does the vendor remove dust from the pellets before delivery?
a. Dust in large quantities can choke fuel delivery systems
b. Pellets from mill runs typically contain a significant amount of dust which must be removed before the pellets are delivered

Maine Energy Systems “shakes” its pellets to remove dust as they’re loaded into the delivery truck.

Does the vendor deliver the pellets relatively dust-free using fully pneumatic equipment?
a. Pellets can be broken. Fully pneumatic equipment is easiest on pellets
b. Mechanical/pneumatic systems can cause substantial pellet breakage and dust

Maine Energy Systems has a fully pneumatic delivery truck with the latest in delivery system technology ensuring that the pellets are delivered with very low levels of dust.

Does the vendor stand behind the suitability of the fuel for trouble-free operation of the boiler system over time?
a. Systems choked with dust must have their storage units emptied and cleaned
b. Delivering pellet vendors are responsible for the delivered quality of their product

Maine Energy Systems stands behind the suitability of its pellets for the purposes for which they are delivered.

Does the vendor routinely deliver pellets in the quantities you will need?
Maine Energy Systems delivers more pellets to residential and small commercial pellet central heating systems than anyone else in the region.