August 9, 2021

Maine Energy Systems (MESys) has recently joined the Maine Energy Marketers Association (MEMA) and is a featured member in the Summer 2021 issue!

MESys is highlighted as an industry leader in pairing consumer demand with renewable answers through fully automated, highly efficient, central wood pellet heating systems reliant on bulk wood pellet delivery that’s as easy (and hands-free) as oil.

Also included are some background and biomass thoughts by our own team member, Hannah Campbell. Hannah was an Air Force Logistics Readiness Officer whose background lends itself well in the field of biomass and giving back to her home of northern New Hampshire.

Read the full feature here:
MESys Feature in MEMA Magazine, Summer 2021

For information on MESys or state incentives and rebates, email [email protected] or call 207-824-NRGY (6749). For information on Maine Energy Marketers Association, see maineenergymarketers.com.