The MESys 6000C is undergoing testing in the lab at Maine Energy Systems‘ Bethel facility.  The 6000C is designed to be a reliable, relatively low-cost pellet boiler system for those willing to manually remove ash from the boiler.

The 6000C is a vertical steel tube boiler designed and fabricated by TDC of Pennsylvania coupled with the Swedish Janfire NH pellet burner. In initial testing at TDC, the boiler had an output capacity of approximately 80,000BTU/hr; the boiler will be marketed as a 23KW (78,000BTU/hr) unit.

In its current configuration, the boiler’s vertical tubes can be cleared of flyash with the simple turn of  a handle and ash can be easily removed from the base through a large access door on the side of the system. The ash removal interval is not yet determined, but it is expected to be approximately every four weeks during the peak heating season, given the generous size of the ashbox.

The addition of  automatic de-ashing equipment for the system will be investigated at Worcester Polytechnic Institute this fall.

Images and initial test results will follow shortly.

Dutch Dresser