In the interest of full disclosure, Dutch Dresser is a principal of Maine Energy Systems in Bethel, Maine. Maine Energy Systems distributes the Janfire NH burner discussed in this post.

As those who’ve read my posts will know, I’ve enjoyed my MESys 4000 system this past winter, and I have experienced no significant issues with the Janfire NH pellet burner that fires the Bosch cast iron boiler. Nonetheless, others have experienced different issues with their systems, so all burners in the field have been receiving a system reconfiguration this spring to eliminate known weaknesses. I had my burner done last week, one of the last to receive this reconfiguration.

Peter, the Bosch tech, removed the burner from my house, took it to our MESys facility, and performed the necessary reconfiguration. This included a full inspection, the replacement of two temperature sensors, one in the drop shaft and one in the burner bowl, and the installation of new processor software.

Once the burner work was complete, Peter gave my boiler a thorough cleaning, including the flue vent. While cleaning the boiler, Peter discovered that the refractory insulation in my pellet boiler door was cracked, so he replaced it. He also ensured that there was plenty of insulation above the burner aperture. This reduces heat to the drop shaft temperature sensor. It is that sensor that would detect any burn back issues, so keeping it cool prevents any false positive readings.

Any reluctance I’d felt earlier to having the burner modified, I soon lost. Peter did a great job. The burner continues to operate beautifully for me, and seems to spend even more of its time in either “keep alive” or “waiting” mode now that it just heating domestic hot water. I’m anticipating somewhat lengthened cleaning cycles this summer.

I continue to find the transition from oil to renewable, locally produced wood pellet fuel for heating my home a satisfying experience.

Dutch Dresser