How Wood Pellet Central Heating Works

The Wood Pellet

Wood pellets are made either from the by-products of other wood manufacturing processes or from whole round wood. The wood is dried, pulverized, and then forced under high pressure through the holes in a die, much like spaghetti is made.

Wood pellets can be made from hardwood, softwood or a combination of both; Premium Pellets are very dry and have very little ash content. Burning wood pellets does not create chimney deposits as burning cordwood can; in fact, there is no smoke visible from the chimney when wood pellets are burning.

Maine Energy Systems Pellets


Maine Energy Systems Pellet Delivery

Bulk Wood Pellet Delivery

Bulk delivered wood pellets are taken from large storage silos and delivered pneumatically, by truck, to home storage units. These storage units can be of varying sizes, many residences require only a couple of deliveries a year. A home that burns 1,000 gallons of #2 heating oil would burn approximately 7.5 tons of Premium Pellets.


Fully-Automatic Fuel Transport

Wood pellets are delivered automatically by auger or by vacuum system from the pellet storage bin to the burner on the boiler or furnace. The feed mechanism is controlled by the burner; as the system needs more wood pellets it turns the auger or vacuum system on; when the boiler storage is full, it ceases filling.

Maine Energy Systems autopellet

Vacuum Fed

Maine Energy Systems autopellet

Auger Fed


Whole Home Heating

MESys AutoPellet boilers and furnaces operate similar to their fossil fuel conterparts, providing hot water to your baseboard radiation, radiators, radiant floor or hot air through your existing duct work and with the AutoPellet boiler, providing domestic hot water for your kitchen and bathrooms. MESys AutoPellet systems, which are fitted with deashing equipment, require only occasional dumping of the ashes from the automatic ash collection system. The ash bin is light and the ash is good for your garden or lawn.


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