Easypell - Affordable, reliable and highly efficient wood pellet boiler

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The Easypell reduces your carbon footprint and saves on your heating costs.

With the Easypell wood pellet boiler you enjoy a comfortable sustainable source of central heating. The boiler provides heat and hot water as needed for your home.
  • Automatic ignition, easy ash removal and wood pellet supply
  • Simple cleaning of heat exchangers – takes only a few seconds
  • Convenient: the pellets storage lasts up to one week
  • Digital controller included
Easypell Wood Pellet Boiler

Easypell Features

Semi-automatic heat exchanger cleaning system

  • No manual cleaning required
  • Permanently high efficiency = less pellets consumption

Automatic ignition

  • More than 60.000 in operation worldwide
  • Low power – 250 Watt

Certified burn-back protection system

  • Approved safe solution
  • More than 60.000 systems in operation worldwide
  • No photosensor required
Integrated preheated return

  • Approved system
  • Without any moving parts or sensors
  • Protect the boiler against corrosion

Automatic fuel diagnostic system

  • No calibration required
  • Automatic adjustment in case of using different pellets
  • Permanently optimized combustion

Speed-controlled-combustion fan

  • Avoid over-pressure inside the boiler

Ready to plug in

Purchase direct!

With Easypell, you can purchase directly from MESys and enjoy economical heating without major work or taking up a lot of space. You can likely replace your existing oil, gas or wood boiler without any changes to your hydronic distribution system.
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Join the thousands already saving on their heating costs and reducing their carbon footprint using wood pellet central heating systems. Contact us to learn how much you can save.