The MESys Team
March 16, 2020

Bethel, ME – We plan to continue our pellet delivery operations despite these uncertain times.  However, our drivers will not be entering homes and will be practicing safe social distancing for their own and your safety.  We are being hyper-vigilant to ensure that our workforce is not compromised because we understand completely the important role that we have and we appreciate your patience with our Pellet Office as we navigate through this.

Our pellet delivery truck drivers will be taking additional precautions to:
1. Not enter homes or engage with people at close distance
2. Fully sanitize trucks and equipment throughout and at the end of each day
3. Continue to uphold hand-washing and personal hygiene etiquette

We want to thank you for understanding and will keep doing our best to work with you and ensure that you have pellets for heat and hot water.

Right now, it is more important than ever to communicate that you have an outside fill-point and an outdoor shutoff with us when requesting a delivery.  If you have these and are up to industry standards, you should not have an impact to your deliveries.  If you are not up to industry standards, we will have to work with you to coordinate the delivery process.

Thank you for your understanding of these policies.  We will continue to evolve and adapt as the situation does, so please look forward to more communications.  And please know that if you have questions about your delivery, we are here to help.