December 29, 2020

BETHEL, ME – Congress has recently passed the monumental Biomass Thermal Utilization (BTU) Act, which starting in 2021 will provide homeowners with the ability to receive a 26% federal tax credit on purchases of renewable wood pellet central heating systems.

Passed with recent tax and incentive funding legislation, the BTU Act signifies the greatest bipartisan passage of legislation in this decade and indicates and strong and willing support from Congress to act on environmental issues.  The renewable heating industry is immensely grateful for all of the work that legislators and industry professionals put into this piece of legislation over the past decade.

In addition to saving an average of $4,000 per installation on these new systems starting in 2021, homeowners can also take advantage of state incentives and rebates of between $6,000 and $10,000 dollars within New England.

Maine Energy Systems (MESys) is thrilled to be the top provider of the most efficient and highest quality central pellet heating systems in North America and is prepared to answer the demand that this will likely spark.

The MESys AutoPellet boilers and AutoPellet Air Furnaces are highly efficient and the most trusted and installed name in central pellet heating.  These systems are already installed across North America and Europe and pass all 2020 US EPA certifications.  They are full home, fully automated, central heating systems, alleviating the concern for handling bagged pellets or having more service work involved than a standard heating system relying on fossil fuels.

The EPA has already ruled that wood pellets are a carbon-neutral fuel from the point of combustion, meaning that they are a vastly better option to reduce a home’s greenhouse gases when replacing fossil fuel systems.  A home reduces its carbon footprint by up to 86% when switching to wood pellet heating.

Wood pellet heating strengthens the local economy by putting local dollars back into the local economy instead of exporting those dollars overseas.  Additionally, it supports the creation of local jobs and local industry from the timber industry all the way to the bulk pellet delivery truck driver.  The passage of the BTU act aids homeowners by providing the ability to switch to a carbon-better option for a much lower cost.

For information on MESys, the BTU Act, or state incentives and rebates, email [email protected] or call 207-824-NRGY (6749).