Maine Energy Systems announces the introduction of its 68,000BTU (20KW) MESys Convertible wood pellet boiler.

The MESys Convertible is a standard MESys 20KW pellet boiler made as a simple first step for the pellet boiler buyer. The MESys Convertible is a standard MESys AutoPellet boiler adapted to be bag fed with about 300 pounds of pellets in a load.

Unlike many simpler boiler systems, this one is the heart of a fully automatic MESys boiler central heating system. Its heat exchanger tubes never require manual cleaning. It can be used as a hand fed system with manual ash removal requirements as long as the user would like to use it that way. When the user decides they’re ready for a fully automatic system, it can receive standard accessories designed expressly for MESys systems for vacuum filling and automatic de-ashing becoming a full-featured MESys AutoPellet boiler.