The Maine Fuel Board has approved a request made by Bethel based wood pellet boiler manufacturer Maine Energy Systems. The request calls for a yearlong project intended to confirm the company’s assertion that their boilers, and those similar to them, can be installed by oil boiler license holders who have been suitably trained in the differences between pellet boilers and oil boilers. Prior to the project, Maine based installers were required to hold a Maine Solid Fuel license to install wood pellet boiler systems.

This is welcomed news for the growing pellet industry in Maine as the State’s boiler inspectors will inspect some, or all, of these installations and, thereby, become much more familiar with fully automated wood pellet boilers. If the project leads to the anticipated conclusion, the request to re-categorize the boilers for licensure requirement purposes should be reasonably received. “We have little doubt that the project will reach successful conclusion as these very same boilers are installed throughout the Northeast by the same technicians who install oil boilers and who have been trained at Maine Energy Systems in fuel handling and burner adjustment.” said Maine Energy Systems Director, Dutch Dresser

Maine Energy Systems will be training oil boiler technicians in the installation of their equipment to ensure that all who choose to install the wood pellet boiler systems can do it this heating season on a schedule that works for them.