Les Otten and Dutch Dresser, of Maine Energy Systems, LLC, and Herbert and Elfrieda Ortner, of Maine Eco Pellet Heating, LLC, and OkoFEN Pellet Heating, today finalized a Distributorship Agreement that makes Maine Energy Systems (MESys), the first U.S. distributor of OkoFEN-licensed products. MESys will also be the sole distributor of these products in the Northeastern United States.

OkoFEN, located in Niederkappel, Austria, is Europe’s pelleting heating specialist having produced the first European pellet boiler in 1997. Today OkoFEN produces the world’s most sophisticated and environmentally-friendly pellet boiler systems. Approximately 30,000 of these systems are installed throughout Western Europe. Maine Eco Pellet Heating boilers, under license from OkoFEN, will be marketed by Maine Energy Systems as AutoPellet systems in capacities ranging from 41,000 BTU/hr to 191,000 BTU/hr. Staged systems are also available for larger applications in configurations with capacities up to 765,000 BTU/hr.

Under the terms of the Agreement, the boiler systems will be produced in the U.S. as soon as is practically possible. Today, the system are manufactured in Austria by Maine Eco Pellet Heating, LLC with a principle place of business in Bethel, Maine.

Maine Energy Systems effectively created a new industry for the Northeast when it pioneered the introduction of automatic wood pellet boiler systems and bulk pellet distribution to the U.S. beginning in June 2008. MESys was motivated by the New Englanders’ extraordinary dependence on #2 oil for home and business heating. Since that time, MESys has trained over 200 regional heating contractors to install and service wood pellet boiler systems. These contractors have installed many semi-automatic boiler system using components imported by MESys from Bosch Thermotechnologies of Germany and Janfire AB of Sweden.

MESys has also worked to foster the development of a robust bulk pellet distribution infrastructure. Heutz Premium Pellets of Lewiston, Maine, and Jesse E. Lyman Heating and Heating Oil Co., of North Conway, NH, have become MESys partners in the bulk pellet distribution business. Other contracts for bulk pellet distribution in various areas using MESys engineered products are pending.

Training sessions for the installation of OkoFEN-licensed products will be taught to well-attended sessions by Herbert Ortner, the founder of Okofen Pellet Heating and Maine Eco Pellet Heating, LLC at the MESys headquarters in Bethel.

For those interested in OkoFEN, training will be scheduled in upcoming months; call Mike Broderick at Maine Energy Systems (207)824-6749 for enrollment information for the free, two-day training sessions.