BETHEL, MAINE – Maine Energy Systems (MESys) today announced that it sold a record number of fully-automatic wood pellet boilers throughout North America, doubling its output from 2013 to 2014.

“Concern over highly fluctuating fossil fuel costs and growing consumer awareness of wood pellet boilers contributed to strong 2014 sales,” said Les Otten, MESys’ co-founder and CEO. “The combination of rebates available throughout the northeast and financing options have helped pellet boilers become more commonplace and ordinary.”

Under license from European wood pellet heating leader, OkoFEN, MESys manufactures pellet boilers suitable to heat everything from residential homes to schools and municipal buildings at its headquarters in Bethel, Maine.

Unlike wood pellet stoves, pellet boilers are an automatically-fed central heating system and require minimal human interaction to operate.

According to Otten, “switching to a pellet boiler not only saves you money, it also helps to retain and create jobs in the region while significantly reducing its carbon footprint.”

The company delivers its locally sourced wood pellet fuel throughout much of the northeast with a fleet of fully-pneumatic pellet delivery trucks.